Become a Friend, Patron or a Benefactor

Join us to become part of the 1st Karakorum International Mountain Film Festival. Our Friends, Patrons and Benefactors will allow us to plan and prepare the festival as well as keep ticket prices at a level whereby all members of our community can afford to attend. It’s vital to the ongoing success of the festival.

To become a Friend please make a donation of Rs.5,000 ($50).

To become a Patron of the Festival please make a donation of  Rs.20,000 ($200).

To become a Benefactor of this event kindly pay us Rs.100,000 ($1000) and we will properly acknowledge you on our website, social media and on the big screen of the event.

You can make donation and payment through the following accounts:

Bank Account Name: Pakistan Youth Outreach Foundation
Bank Account No.: 0750100708491 Askari Bank
Bank Account IBAN No.: PK26ASCM0000750100708491
PayPal Account: